AHSA Membership Options

Full Members

All hotels and convention centres (classified under industry code 87503) are automatically Full Members of the Alberta Hospitality Safety Association through a levy paid as part of their WCB premiums.  Full members can access all AHSA services, and are voting members of the association. 

Associate Members

Associate members are given the same level of service as a Full Member, except that they are not entitled to vote at meetings of the association. Annual associate membership fees are calculated based on a charge of 3 cents/$100 of WCB assessable payroll estimated for the current year, with a minimum fee of $1000.00/year.  Apply today!

CORe Members

Employers looking primarily for Certifying Partner services from the association can apply to be a CORe Member of the AHSA.  CORe employers pay a flat fee of $650+gst.  Any training and services not specifically related to the COR certification process are available at non-member rates. Apply today!

Comparison of Service Options