Hospitality Safety Leadership Certificate (HSLC)  

Exclusive to the hospitality industry in both Alberta and Saskatchewan, the Hospitality Safety Leadership Certificate is designed to lead employers through the process of developing and implementing a health and safety management system, and empower them to create a system and a corporate safety culture that will improve the way they do business.

Requirements for each level build on the foundations of the previous levels, as employers progress through the development of their program, achieving increased recognition and improved health and safety processes.  

Certification is renewed annually, and maintenance requirements are listed on the application forms for each level.

Partnerships in Injury Reduction (PIR) 

Partnerships in Injury Reduction is a voluntary program in which employer and worker representatives work collaboratively with government to build effective health and safety management systems. By improving health and safety, the social and financial costs of workplace injury and illness are reduced.

Certificate of Recognition (COR)

The Partnerships in Injury Reduction program awards Certificates of Recognition (COR) to employers that have developed a health and safety management program and met established standards.